What our advertisers are saying

On our partnership with Property Academy...

"Of all the initiatives OnTheMarket have introduced since they started this has to be the best. Free access to the wisdom and insights of Peter Knight!

I can’t always make the live session times but thank goodness I will be able to catch up on the Property Academy platform. In my opinion they are unmissable."

Lizzie Burt

Chinneck Shaw

"I have been really impressed with the quality, line of thinking, approach and presentation of Peter Knight’s training. I have watched and listened to both the Leadership Excellence and the Future Leaders sessions to date.

I have picked up brand new ideas, brand new methods and I’m really enjoying them. I would thoroughly recommend them to any letting or estate agents who are looking to improve their business and the engagement of their staff and customers."

Brian Carlisle

J R Hopper & Company

"Great ideas for us to think about!"

Daniel Otton

Buttercross Estates

About the OnTheMarket membership...

“It was an extremely bold decision for us to leave RM but it has worked for us. The account management we receive from OTM is also second to none.”

December 2021

Mark Foreman

Managing Director, Prestige Property Group

"We’ve been with OnTheMarket for several years now and have seen the brand grow from strength to strength. This has allowed our own business to flourish and we now enjoy great success with OnTheMarket’s content and branding which has significantly contributed to us becoming a market leader in our local area. We look forward to continuing to work with the team at OnTheMarket and are excited for their future plans."

July 2021

Joe Bindley

Director, Peninsular Property

"I list exclusively with OnTheMarket as I find the leads are of good quality and it provides everything I need. I signed up at the end of 2019 and have no intention of signing up with any other portals as I feel this works for us.

I think OnTheMarket is really well-presented, the user journey is straightforward and I like the branding. I've found the customer service very good - it all feels very personal and I can't imagine it's the same with some of the other portals. I will remain a loyal customer as long as the price remains fair and if that's the case for all agents, I look forward to working with OnTheMarket and seeing it continue to grow."

March 2021

Christine Chaffey

Managing Director, Christine's Property Management

"I've found OnTheMarket to be great value, I'm a very happy customer! Last week I successfully let a home after launching it exclusively with OnTheMarket. Within two hours, I received 22 leads and had 6 viewings lined up. This tells me that the public are no longer looking at just Rightmove and I absolutely believe OnTheMarket has made some very good inroads."

February 2021

Andy Fleming

Director, Property Shop

“We're a relatively small agency with around 90 properties and list exclusively with OnTheMarket. I'm very pleased with the quality of leads and I've previously let a property within one hour of it going live with a virtual viewing - so it's going well. We don't list with Rightmove or Zoopla because we find OnTheMarket provides us with everything we need, and we know we're saving probably the best part of £1,000 a month by not listing with the other two portals."

February 2021

Stephen Nottridge

Director, AST Lettings

“I've been with OnTheMarket almost since the beginning and it has absolutely achieved what I wanted it to at this point in time. Agents needed genuine competition in the market and I think it will continue to grow. I like the website, it's clean and fresh - I think it's great from a user's perspective, and the alerts are neat and tidy. As time goes on, there may come a point where lots of agents don't necessarily need more than one portal."

January 2021

Linda Booth

Director, The Property Booth

"I've been with OnTheMarket for about 18 months. I left Rightmove in April last year and although it took a leap of faith, I have no regrets and it hasn't impacted my business. OnTheMarket is far better value than Rightmove (we also list with Zoopla). I was paying around £1,000 every month plus VAT - more than the cost of renting my premises. I don't think Rightmove's business model supports small agents like me - it's unsustainable for us. I had that conversation with Rightmove many times but I couldn't reason with them. Now their fee is going into my pension pot as well as allowing me to explore other ways of marketing.

I think it's widely known that letting agents no longer have to be with Rightmove and I've had real success with OnTheMarket's 'New and exclusive'*. It works for me and I've often quickly let a property by using it after launching my properties exclusively for 48 hours. My landlords have no interest in where the lead comes from which lets their property and when I explained how much Rightmove was charging, they were shocked and understood my position. My advice to agents thinking of leaving is 'do what suits you!'

I think OnTheMarket has a real chance to expand because the public can no longer only use Rightmove to search - it doesn't have every available property. For me, it's key that 'Joe public' understands this and I think the current OnTheMarket advert helps tick that box, but all agents must support the portal to achieve it. I also think agents will be making their minds up in the next few months about portals and many will decide OnTheMarket is where they need to be."

January 2021

*Now Only With Us

Steve Way

Director, Oxlets