What is being said about our virtual Town Halls with CEO Jason Tebb…

“I attended a Town Hall and thought it was most informative. As always, Jason’s energy and passion comes through and the updates are great to hear. OnTheMarket is certainly leading the way in improving agents use of portals.”

August 2022

Murray Lee

Managing Director, Dreamview Estates

“The town hall meetings are proving a real success for us, it’s a great platform to give feedback on what we really need the portal to become from both an agent’s point of view as well as the consumer.

What was even more refreshing today was key players in their own markets and towns willing to share advice and tips on what’s working for them to help allow others to develop their business as well.

Amazing and roll on the next one!”

May 2022

Scott Mason

Partner, Home Partnership

“Having been involved in the OnTheMarket Town Hall meetings from the outset, Jason has as much energy and drive now as he did on the day he took over. He is not precious, he listens to what people say and if he can’t do something he tells us and if he can he does it. Energy. Commitment. Positivity.”

May 2022

Quintyn Howard-Evans

Managing Partner, Cooper and Tanner

“Having the opportunity to participate in a positive and forward thinking forum chaired by the CEO of a listed company is not only a one-off, but perhaps the best illustration why OnTheMarket will deservedly flourish.”

May 2022

Tim Green

Partner, Green & Co

“I was invited to join the latest OnTheMarket Town Hall webinar this morning hosted by Jason Tebb. As always, very impressed with Jason’s passions and obvious hard work. It certainly seems to be paying off. OnTheMarket have certainly upped their game and pushed the portal boundaries with all the add-ons and tools. Certainly doing their best to become the agents’ portal. Keep it up.”

May 2022

Murray Lee

Managing Director, Dreamview Estates

“Another interesting Town Hall meeting with Jason today. It’s great to hear that OnTheMarket have so many ideas and plans and that their work to date is making a difference. Many agents are reporting strong numbers of leads and at Hobbs Parker we can confirm that.”

May 2022

Roger Lightfoot

CEO, Hobbs Parker

“OnTheMarket is doing the job that we need, Jason gives us the feeling of being involved in the development of the business, and if agents stop distracting the public with too many different places to visit, it will work!”

May 2022

David Johnson

Managing Director, KMJ Property

“Good to hear direct from Jason Tebb. A very honest and informative meeting.”

May 2022

Peter Ryder

Managing Director, Thorntons Property Services

“I attended the Developer Forum and thought it was a great opportunity to have our voice heard, especially as a small developer. It feels like our thoughts and feedback is valued and listened to and it was a great to get the chance to share and develop new ideas which could impact the way we work. It’s exciting to see OnTheMarket take on external suggestions and hear about the new products they are developing… I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!”

May 2022

Hollie Cardwell

Dorchester Living

The best thing about the OnTheMarket Town Halls is that if Jason Tebb says he is going to implement something, by the next meeting he has done so. OnTheMarket is innovative, adaptive, brand fresh and cohesively managed. If you haven’t fully bought into it yet then now is the time to get off the fence.

February 2022

Quintyn Howard Evans

Managing Partner, Cooper and Tanner - Frome

I recommend that member agents invest an hour of their time in attending the OnTheMarket Town Hall events. Jason is listening to every word and more importantly taking action to implement our ideas.

February 2022

Roger Lightfoot

CEO, Hobbs Parker - Kent

“The Town Halls are a very good way of bringing members up to date on the latest developments and obtaining their opinions. It is also good that Jason and his team are prepared to listen to requests and suggestions and incorporate selected ones. Keep up the good work!”

February 2022

Kelvin Francis

Director, Kelvin Francis - Lisvane

“An inspired move by the CEO to hold such meetings and rarely seen in large organisations. Jason is fearless about what he may hear and is demonstrating that he is acting on the issues that really matter.”

February 2022

Andrew Dewar

Joint Senior Partner, Curchods

“The Town Hall Event was really helpful for a variety of reasons. It was good to network with other like minded agents and share thoughts and ideas on how best to maximise OnTheMarket. We all want to see it’s success continue to grow and agreed that agents have a big part to play in this. Jason Tebb was really impressive – I particularly liked his down to earth and straight talking approach.

It has given me confidence that OnTheMarket is being led by a pro-active and insightful team and the long term future is positive because the team is looking to implement new and innovative products to stand out.”

February 2022

Mandy Stevenette

Partner, Stevenette - Epping

“Great to see a CEO taking time to ask clients how a company can assist with their growth. Great to hear of plans to reward clients who have been there from the start and encourage them to remain. We’ve been using Canopy from the beginning and it’s a great pre-screen for letting purposes, allowing you to focus on the serious applicants.”

August 2021

Kris Brown

Director, Source Property - Clydebank

“Thank you to Jason for hosting the Town Hall event. It was useful to hear Jason’s comments and thoughts about moving forwards. We would reiterate some of the comments to say that Jason really has been a breath of fresh air and his passion to move the brand forwards is plain to see – we want to thank him for what he is doing for agents, it’s the first time that it really feels like we could be on one portal.”

August 2021

Nicholas H Chaplin

Managing Director, Hilbery Chaplin - Essex

“Great hour of networking with other agents, same struggles, nice to be able to give feedback to a service provider.”

August 2021

Eli Hall

Director, Bridgehouse Property - Gateshead

“Thank you for organising what seems to be (from memory over the last 15 years) the first time a portal has bothered to listen! I felt it was a great opportunity to speak to the people making the decisions within the business and I came away re-energised with the OTM message! I can’t wait to see the progress of OTM and will be booking into the next round of Town Halls!”

August 2021

Chris Wallington

Head of Residential Sales, Sibley Pares - Maidstone

“Superb Town Hall event, informative and insightful. Fair play to any CEO who puts him or herself directly in front of their core stakeholders!”

April 2021

Marcus Arundel

Managing Director, HomeLets - Bath

“One of my issues with OnTheMarket over the years has been lack of contact. I accepted the invitation to a virtual Town Hall meeting recently and found the time very well spent. We were encouraged to join in the discussion with nothing kept off the agenda. Very refreshing and something I look forward to joining again soon!”

April 2021

Miles Tarpey

Partner, Slades - Christchurch

“It was a worthwhile hour for me. I was a founder member of OnTheMarket and am very keen to see it succeed. RightMove will always be a hard nut to crack, but OnTheMarket can be a serious competitor. Fresh minds with fresh ideas usually have a positive impact. Monthly fees – are they enough? We’re happy to pay for results…”

April 2021

James Wyatt

Director, Barton Wyatt - Virginia Water

“Wanted to hear first hand what the new Head Honcho had to say. What was the plan to make OnTheMarket a portal that was going to be different and get a better public engagement. Jason was honest, open, interested in what we had to say and candid in the way he discussed, responded and listened to the points being made. I’m keen to see what comes from the meeting and hope to see an increase in communication and traffic from OnTheMarket.”

April-June 2021

Ian Crampton

Sales Director, Ferndown Estates - Birmingham

“Forums can sometimes at best be lip service and at worst be a speech from the host. This event was a real opportunity to share thoughts and ideas directly with the CEO and to then realise that everyone in the room were pretty much entirely on the same page. We are all short of time but these meetings are a must if we want OnTheMarket to continue to grow.”

April 2021

Tim Green

Partner, Green & Co - Wantage

“It was a great way to put my ideas to the management team of OnTheMarket!”

April 2021

Paul Clarke

Director, David Clarke Estate Agents - Herne Bay

“Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, so my expectations weren’t set. This said, I thought it was particularly well run, informative and personal – actually felt a little “warmth” from the experience – which added to my views regarding OnTheMarket! This is a good thing!”

April 2021

Ty Armario

The Letting Agent - Manchester


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