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Find out more about our partners below…

Find out more about our partners below…

Save with us…

Save an est. £2,160 p/a

Tenant referencing that simplifies the process, saving everyone time whilst giving you and landlords the confidence you’ve found a qualified tenant.

Save an est. £1,200 p/a

Home of TecCRM, TecHub, TecWeb and TecLet, each software is designed to support and simplify administrative processes, so you can focus on your core business needs.

Save an est. £298 p/a

The number one online training platform for estate and lettings agents with access to “Inspiring Property Professionals” online courses.

Save an est. £360 p/a

A white-labelled reward and engagement platform for lettings agents, providing access to exclusive offers, national discounts and regular prize draws.

Save an est. £240 p/a

The prospecting tool that can help you build your pipeline and win more listings with targeted campaigns and bespoke canvassing.

Save an est. £1,200 p/a

Within seconds of an email valuation request being received, Callwell connects you instantly by phone to the customer, at the touch of a button.

Save an est. £480 p/a

Introducing potential property buyers to your properties via Smartboards, which use the latest QR code technology to drive more eyeballs to your property listings at OnTheMarket.

Save an est. £938 p/a

Providing information, insight, ideas and inspiration for companies in the property industry. You can access bespoke virtual masterclasses and leadership groups.

Save an est. £840 p/a

‘Best-in-class’ market appraisal guides and a direct mail platform to manage the creative, print and delivery of your mailings.

Exclusive to OnTheMarket

Introducing AgentVal, an instant online valuation tool that is fully branded and easily integrated into your own website to capture prospective valuation leads.

Save an est. £18 p/a

Photo retouching service for manual uploaders to get the most professional finish on your property images.

Other partners…

Protection for agents against loss of revenue from a withdrawn property being sold privately to a buyer introduced by you.

Four insurance products available to both sales and lettings agents that are designed to provide more security and protection for your business.

Conversations with some of our agents

Canopy has been an excellent friendly service that actually does what is promised. I estimate it will have saved us £8,000 in the first year of using it.

Cambridge Property Lettings

I was paying another service provider £50 a month for referencing, when my BDC told me about free tenant referencing with Canopy, through OnTheMarket. For one month, I ran them alongside my existing service to compare the two. I found Canopy more straightforward and user-friendly, so I signed up with them and saved £600 over the first year.

Urban Keys

OnTheMarket provides tremendous value to us. We have been with them since the beginning and they’re now offering more than 16 add-ons which provide amazing value. We are only using SmartMail, the Market Appraisal Guide and The Property Academy – and that in itself is saving us about £2,000 per year. But more than that, OnTheMarket make us feel as if we’re part of their team and really want us to succeed.

KMJ Property

Autoenhance.ai, image downloads: Standard retail price: 15 downloads free, then 75 downloads for £39.99 (£0.53 per download). OnTheMarket package: 50 downloads free. Saving is calculated based on 35 downloads (the difference between that standard offer and OTM’s package) at £0.53 each, a total saving of £18.55. Only available to manual uploaders.

Callwell, valuation request calls: based on minimum charge Callwell offer per branch at £100p/m.

Canopy, tenant referencing: Standard retail price: £180p/m for 12 months. OnTheMarket package: Free tenant referencing for all agents. Saving based on the standard retail price of £12 per reference and 15 references per month. Average references per month calculated based on data from Canopy September 2023.

Kremer Signs, Smartboard**: Standard retail price: £30p/m for 10 smartboards or £50p/m for 20 smartboards. OnTheMarket package: Free, one-off delivery of fifteen smartboards, pro-rata subscription worth £40 p/m.

Property Price Advice, AgentVal: based on 50 valuation enquiries per month. Any subsequent instant online valuations are charged at £0.20p per enquiry.

The Able Agent, online training platform: based on the retail price of £149 per course, 2x courses remaining at the time of publication.

OnTheMarket Software, TecCRM and TecLet: Standard retail price: £300p/m, per product. Saving based on a 12 month subscription, post free trial period.

Sprift, market appraisal guide upgrade: Standard retail price: £145p/m. OnTheMarket package: £75p/m. A £70p/m saving equates to an annual saving of £840. Based on the cost for one sales and lettings branch.

Sprift, SmartMail**: OnTheMarket non-shareholder agents: £75p/m. Shareholder agents: £55 per month. A £20p/m saving equates to an annual saving of £240.

The Property Academy annual membership**: based on a 12 month subscription, including two free months.

Vaboo Premium**: Standard retail price: £50p/m. OnTheMarket package for shareholders: £20p/m. A £30p/m saving equates to an annual saving of £360.

*Savings are calculated based on value of services or possible cost savings against recommended retail prices

**calculations based on preferential terms for a single full rate/shareholder branch.