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What keywords will display the Greener choice icon on my listing?

We’ll display a leaf icon on your listing when the features or description text match any of the below terms. We’ll also show your listing within the search where the Greener choice filter has been enabled or keywords used in a Wish List search. When a user clicks on the icon they’ll see the keywords that appear within your listing.

This applies to all listings: new homes (sales and lettings) and residential resales and lettings.

The below list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to email us any terms we may be missing. Contact us at if you would like us to add any further terms.

      • Sustainable features, timber, home, or development
      • Climate considerate
      • Low carbon, or low carbon footprint
      • Energy-efficient
      • Ultra low energy
      • Passivhaus or Passive house
      • Zero carbon (home(s))
      • Net carbon (home(s))
      • Environmentally friendly
      • Eco home, house, friendly, or credentials
      • Green credentials
      • Photo voltaic
      • Aero voltaic
      • Solar panels
      • Solar PV
      • Rainwater harvesting
      • Ground, water, or air source heat pump
      • Ground, water, or air source(d) heating
      • Cavity wall or underfloor insulation
      • High specification of insulation
      • High performance insulation
      • Heat network
      • Car club
      • EV charging point
      • Energy efficient appliances, this allows for brand names such as “Energy efficient Siemens appliances”
      • Composting facilities
      • Water butt

We’ll also capture whether the EPC rating is band A or B.

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